Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of presenting with Yo Angulo, Director of Customer Marketing at Mondelez International, and Risa Crandall, SVP of CPG Strategy at Aki, at Adweek’s Attention Economy webinar, where we discussed how decreasing attention spans are challenging how we as marketers communicate to our customers. I realize it might be rather obvious — but what is not so obvious is what we can actually do about it. 

In our webinar, we delved into various advertising strategies that marketers can use to tackle the Attention Economy as we know it. Below includes 3 key tips on how to create experiences that matter and drive value for the consumer. 

#1. Meet the consumer where they are

With the average person spending 6+ hours on digital screens, and 76% of consumers saying they are frustrated when they don’t receive personalized communication from brands, a digital marketing strategy focused on each individual is key to the success of modern brands. 

#2. Personalization is not created equally

Yo of Mondelez captured it perfectly when she said, “personalization is defined differently by all.”  Every brand approaches it differently, and they should; personalization at its core should align with each respective brand’s values. 

Although all brands view it differently, at the heart it is about developing the right connection with your customer at any given moment. At Aki, we partner with brands to do just that through a combination of dynamic messaging with custom creative to adapt to the preferences of each consumer, relevant advertisements shared in moments of high consumer receptivity, and treating every consumer uniquely – as we should after all. 

#3. Never stop testing 

Yo of Mondelez said it multiple times throughout our session: if you are not testing, you are not trying or improving. You will not know if a campaign strategy works unless you try it. Work with a partner that provides best practices as a starting point, but try something new as that is the only way we all learn what works and what does not. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll earn the attention of the consumer with one unique experience at a time.

If you haven’t had a chance to tune into the webinar, check it out below.


Nicole Henry, Growth Marketing Director, Media at Aki