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Aki Technologies, Media by Inmar Intelligence, is now offering influence without limits.

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What is it?

Social Unbound pushes the limits of influence and helps navigate the complexities of social, fueled by data and proven technology.

Our creator content and paid social solutions offer the unique ability to reach consumers during their most receptive moments inside and outside of social media across our entire suite of digital solutions, maximizing your campaign engagement and impact.

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social unbound industry accolades
Industry Accolades

Award Winning and Industry Leading

Winner of the AdWeek Readers’ Choice Best of Tech Award and Digiday Technology nominee for best Influencer marketing offering.

The Aki Difference

Our Creator Casting Philosophy: Powerful Combination of Data & Expertise

Proprietary Insights Platform prescriptiveIQ™

Tailor your social campaign to target the most receptive audiences and moments with valuable purchase, social & search, engagement and market research data and insights.

Dedicated Creator Casting Team

Our creator casting team with 10+ years of experience combined with powerful data science technology, FitScore™, is devoted to finding, hiring, and managing the success of your creator campaign.

Advanced Creator Selection

Our Fitscore™ technology analyzes over 70,000 attributes on demographics, interests, brand affinities and more to ensure both creators and their audiences are the right fit for your campaign.

Brand Fit: Who we cast
Influencer Persona

Geo/Demo, Retail Affinity, HH Info


Niche/Genre, Aesthetic

Brand Safety

Competitive Work


Seasonal, Category & Platform Benchmarks

social unbound advanced creator selection
Audience Fit: Who they reach
Audience Persona



Interests, Brand Affinities


Audience engagement, view rates, growth rates

Receptivity-First Targeting In Social

Maximize the impact of social campaigns by bringing MomentsAI technology and data to life inside of social, alongside our powerful creator content.

  • ShopperSync 1st party purchase data
  • Geographic targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Social Interest attributes
  • Time of day

Brunch Moment

Running Errands Moment

Weekend Downtime Moment

Insomnia Moment

Influence Without Limits

Bring the influence of creators into receptive digital environments, expanding reach to create a more authentic, cohesive and impactful consumer experience.

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Proven Results

Across our campaigns we have seen….


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