Aki closely follows the evolving movement towards greater privacy and consent in digital advertising.
From cookie-less browser-based tracking, to identifier-free mobile in-app environments, we meticulously observe, anticipate and prepare for privacy changes, like GDPR, CCPA and Apple’s increased app tracking transparency in iOS.

We welcome all privacy developments that promote responsible use and prevent consumer exploitation.

Aki is your partner for a privacy-first world

As deterministic data diminishes, Aki is poised for the industry’s shift to probabilistic thanks to our PII-independent approach better known as Moments—our core offering since 2015.

In fact, Aki is our clients’ competitive advantage over those who use deterministic-reliant solutions because of our proprietary machine learning module, which ingests billions of points of campaign metadata across millions of audience actions. This data is the primary ingredient of our Moments, and does not rely on personally identifiable information, or Apple’s identifiers.

What to expect from our partnership

Industry-leading results on your advertising campaigns

Consumers who respect you because we respect them

Privacy-compliant campaigns and brand safety

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