Overcome ad fatigue on Connected TV

Aki’s unique, first-of-its-kind solution, CTV ONE, uses patented personalization and audience targeting technology to dynamically deliver relevant and diverse creative to solve CTV’s #1 problem – repetitive ads.

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Personalization Technology

Aki aggregates billions of data signals such as day, time, proximity to retail location, genre, and household-level psychographics to deliver hundreds of creative ad variants to the relevant audiences when they are most receptive.


Creative variety avoids advertising burnout and builds viewer retention with a new message each time.


Relevant messaging encourages greater brand favorability, awareness and recall.

How does it work?



We receive your broadcast-ready video.



Aki’s personalization technology adds dynamic image, text and sound variables which are informed by signals like audio, time of day, household data, and program genre.



Viewers enjoy different creative permutations each time the advertisements are served.


What CTV ONE means for brands

Brand Message Aligment

Engage audiences by aligning your advertising with the premium content viewers are watching.

Verified TV Glass Inventory

CTV ONE guarantees your CTV impressions will only be seen on large screen formats.

Better Receptivity

Aki’s MomentsAI identifies top CTV advertising opportunities for your brand to reach viewers when they’re most receptive to your message.

Human™-Enabled Fraud Detaction

Campaign impressions are verified by industry-leading third-party, anti-fraud technology, ensuring that your campaigns are viewed by real people.

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Case Study

Primal Kitchen drove product sales with Aki’s CTV ONE solution

Industry-disrupting leader in condiments, dressings, sauces, snacks, and pantry staples, Primal Kitchen, wanted to drive awareness and sales of its products at retailers throughout its key seasons. Aki leveraged CTV ONE to capture the audience’s attention with personalized creative during moments of high receptivity.

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