As I write this blog post lakeside, surrounded by friends also working from Adirondack chairs, I can’t help but reflect on a time when “work laptop” would never have made it on my vacation packing list. And yet, the flexibility of remote work has made it possible for me to truly balance work with pleasure and provides the freedom to spontaneously extend trips without wasting precious vacation days. Digital nomadship is a fantastic feat of modern technology, and I’m totally here for it. 

The travel industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with shifting consumer preferences and emerging trends reshaping the way people experience and plan their trips. In this dynamic landscape, travel marketers have an exciting opportunity to engage with a particular segment of consumers who are open to longer weekend trips. As remote work gains popularity, Millennials are increasingly embracing extended stays for mixing business with leisure, also known as “bleisure.”

Shorter Trips vs Longer Weekend Getaways

While overall trip durations have become shorter, there is a growing trend among travelers, especially Millennials, who seek extended weekend getaways. These individuals understand the value of immersing themselves in new surroundings for more prolonged periods, allowing them to truly explore a destination beyond its tourist hotspots. As travel marketers, it is crucial to tap into this changing mindset and offer tailored itineraries that cater to the demand for personalized experiences.

Aki Blog - Extended Stays - 1The Rise of Remote Work and Extended Stays

The advent of remote work has reset how people approach their professional lives, enabling individuals to work from anywhere in the world. This new flexibility has provided the rationale for Millennials to embark on extended stays while working remotely. By offering enticing packages that combine business and leisure activities, travel marketers can seize this opportunity and curate unique experiences that appeal to this digitally savvy generation.

Work Trips: Dedicated Business or Temporary Remote Work?

When it comes to work-related travel, US consumers still anticipate traveling for dedicated business reasons rather than temporary remote work. However, 1 in 10 working adults still look forward to combining work with travel on their next trip, highlighting the potential for travel marketers to design packages that cater specifically to professionals seeking a change of scenery while accomplishing their job responsibilities.

Aki Blog - Extended Stays - 2Generational Differences and Travel Preferences

The evolving travel landscape presents an exciting opportunity for travel marketers to engage with consumers who are open to longer weekend getaways and mixing business with leisure. 

  1. Gen Z and Millennials’ Desire for Working Abroad: Gen Z and Millennials are more inclined to plan their next trip around working abroad compared to the general population. With a thirst for exploration and new experiences, they see travel not only as an escape but also as an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Travel marketers can tap into this aspiration by offering enticing packages that provide the necessary infrastructure for remote work while enabling individuals to immerse themselves in different cultures.
  2. Gen X’s Reduced Travel Time: In contrast, Gen X consumers seem less likely to travel for work purposes. Instead, they tend to prioritize shorter leisure trips or domestic getaways. Understanding these preferences is crucial for travel marketers when crafting targeted campaigns that appeal to this group’s specific desires and requirements.

By understanding these changing preferences across different generations, travel marketers can personalize their offerings to meet the unique needs of each audience segment. The key lies in providing immersive experiences, flexible remote work options, and curated packages that inspire adventure while accommodating the demands of a modern lifestyle. 

As a leader in personalized advertising, Aki is ready to embrace this transformative era in travel marketing with you.

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Rachel Gropper, Sr. Manager of Market Insights & Strategy