I had the pleasure of attending Adweek’s Commerce Week event in New York where marketing and retail leaders convened to explore new pathways to delivering seamless, individualized commerce across online and offline touchpoints.

The 2-day event was jampacked with content and commerce-driven discussions which were incredibly insightful. On the first day, I was lucky enough to be joined by PepsiCo’s Vice President & General Manager, Esperanza Teasdale where we co-hosted a workshop on how to master multicultural marketing using personalization and moment technology.

During the workshop, we discussed why representation is so important when establishing brand trust. We discovered that although representation is incredibly important, it is often not given enough attention in marketing practices, but there are positive actions that brands can take to rectify this and build authentic connections with consumers. This includes:

#1. Ensure there’s culture-specific representation across marketing materials

#2. Involve diverse voices in the marketing decision-making process

#3. Actively seek out partnerships with organizations or creators who champion diversity

#4. Listen to direct consumer feedback regarding representation and make necessary adjustments accordingly

#5. Include personalization variables in your advertising to resonate with each audience

By implementing these positive actions, brands have the power to rectify the underutilization of representation in marketing. Doing so will not only help establish brand trust but also create meaningful connections with consumers based on authenticity.

Watch the below video recording to learn more.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss more on multicultural marketing, feel free to contact me directly at rc@a.ki.

Risa Crandall, SVP CPG Strategy and Sales at Aki