We’re excited to announce that Aki has won a 2021 OmniShopper Award in the Digital: Mobile Activation category for our work with PepsiCo.

The Path to Purchase Institute’s Omnishopper Awards recognizes innovative marketing activations that drive engagement across the entire path to purchase. We’re proud to receive this award as it further validates the power of personalization.

PepsiCo partnered with Aki to drive awareness of its Off The Eaten Path veggie snack line within the rapidly growing better choice snack market. This growing market is great for consumers, but it presents a challenge for brands that aim to cut through the noise.

To drive awareness of PepsiCo’s Off The Eaten Path snack line, Aki and PepsiCo partnered to develop a hyper-personalized mobile advertising strategy. We aimed to prove that personalization can be effective in driving brand engagement for both awareness and consideration. To prove this, PepsiCo tested personalized video geared toward 3 core audience groups and found that each audience was at least twice as likely to engage with the personalized creative vs. non-personalized. As a result, over 250,000 variations of the video were served across the 3 audience segments based on strategic dynamic personalization elements.

Additionally, we discovered that personalized rich media drove 110% higher engagement than non-personalized rich media on average, while personalized creative drove 84% higher engagement than non-personalized creative.

Our partnership enhanced PepsiCo’s ability to understand real-time consumer behavior while also expediting its launch timeline to be quicker to market with personalized messaging.

Learn more about our award-winning campaign by reading this Consumer Goods article or by watching the video below, and discover how personalization impacts advertising performance by downloading Aki’s 2021 Receptivity Report.

Cristina Costa, Sales Director, CPG at Aki