Creative Excellence Starts With Emotional Engagement…and Data

Research reveals that 90% of decisions are made subconsciously, with emotionally engaged consumers three times more likely to recommend a product or re-purchase. Marketers have a significant opportunity to reach audiences during known moments of receptivity. To master the creative excellence that connects with emotions, advertisers need to call on the right data and technology that can pinpoint when a person is most open to the message.

Uncover the keys to this process from Kate Brady, global head of creative and content transformation at PepsiCo and Risa Crandall, SVP of CPG strategy and sales at Aki Technologies. You’ll find out:

  • The impact of emotions on consumer decisions
  • How the effectiveness of advertising creative directly impacts the performance of a campaign
  • Creative best practices that brands can apply today

Reach out to me directly if you’d like to discuss how you can master creative excellence:

Risa Crandall, SVP CPG Strategy and Sales at Aki