Aki Technologies, the company that helps marketers target pivotal moments using personalized advertising, today announced that David Sanderson has joined the team as Head of Creative Solutions. In this role, Sanderson will manage Aki’s Motion Graphics and Digital Media Design departments, fuel the company’s innovation roadmap by responding to macro trends, and scale the success of Aki’s Eyeview and personalization offerings. He will also identify creative ways to visually represent Aki while finding efficiencies within the Creative Solutions team.

David has been deeply involved in digital marketing’s evolution for close to two decades. He’s watched the industry morph from the early-stage interactive of the early 2000’s to today’s dynamic and fully immersive video and rich media ad types across desktop, mobile devices, and CTV. He most recently served as SVP of Creative Strategy and Operations at Brand Networks, where he spearheaded cross-channel custom creative initiatives. As VP of Creative Strategy and Operations at Tapad, Sanderson helped increase average deal sizes 30-50% every quarter with the custom creative offerings, which accounted for a third of all ad revenue. He also served as Senior Director of Creative Strategy for a decade at Tremor Video, where he founded and led the creative team. Sanderson’s work has won several awards throughout his career.

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