The health and pharma marketing revolution landed at Digital Pharma East this month, and I was glad to be a part of this leading event for the life sciences community. The immersive, informative, and thought-provoking agenda spanned a wide array of topics, ranging from artificial intelligence and targeting innovations to omnichannel strategy and customer-centricity to health equity and diversity.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share a presentation on leveraging social media to reach consumers who are increasingly spending more time on various social media platforms — four to six hours a week for the majority. In terms of health-focused social media activities, our custom research found that nearly half (48%) of the people surveyed follow or watch content from social influencers that either have, or can speak to, their medical condition/symptoms. Additionally, just over a third (34%) of people follow medical professions on social media and just under a third (31%) follow content creators with the same symptoms they are experiencing.

Done right, leveraging the health-focused attention on social platforms not only meets patients where they are in their health journey but can also serve to build meaningful, lasting connections with health consumers, caregivers and healthcare providers while humanizing a brand and condition. Driven by the authentic voice of a creator, creator content outperforms brand assets by 140%. It’s also important to note that social media users with smaller followings generate a higher engagement rate of 12% while big-name celebrities generate only 1%.

Aki’s Fitscore technology and dedicated casting team can analyze over 70,000 audience attributes on demographics, interests and brand affinities, among others, to ensure creators and their audiences are the right fit for each particular campaign. Creator posts are activated across platforms and promoted with paid media spend to extend reach beyond organic viewers to authentically align with a larger target audience. We uniquely target the most receptive patient and HCP audiences and moments with actionable health, purchase, affinity and interest data and maximize brand investment through our guaranteed view model.

It was my pleasure to contribute to the innovations shared at Digital Pharma East.

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Kaleb Doss, District VP, Client Development