What do you have planned for February 29th, 2024? 

That’s right, 2024 marks the return of the mysterious Leap Day, and like clockwork, this every-four-year occurrence aligns perfectly with the anticipation of the Summer Olympics. Just as athletes utilize the extra 24 hours in February to train, so too can marketers treat Leap Day as an extra opportunity to prioritize audience engagement. 

Consider these two ways to harness the buzz around Leap Year and bridge the excitement of the upcoming 2024 Paris Games with personalized advertising strategies centered around your brand.

1. Uniting Leap Year and Olympic Excitement

Leap Year’s unique occurrence aligns perfectly with the anticipation surrounding the Olympics. Use this special day to convey a connection between Leap Year and the upcoming 2024 Paris Games by kicking off dedicated personalized sports-themed messaging that ignites excitement and anticipation among your audience.  Elevate influencer partnerships by encouraging talent to provide personalized recommendations or tips related to Olympic-themed activities, watch parties or fitness routines aligned with their expertise.

Remember, there are 146 days between Leap Day (Feb 29th) and the Opening Ceremonies on July 26th.  Lean into the buzz around milestone moments leading up to the big event:

  • March 8th – International Women’s Day – Paris 2024 will be the first Olympics in history to achieve numerical gender parity on the field of play, with the same number of female and male athletes participating in the largest sporting event in the world.
  • April 16th The Olympic flame lighting ceremony will take place in Olympia, the cradle of Olympism, where the Ancient Olympic Games were held. For 11 days in Greece, 600 torchbearers will carry the flame over a distance of 500km (310.6 miles) through 41 municipalities of the country.
  • May 8th – The Olympic flame arrives in the port city of Marseille, France. A total of 10,000 torchbearers will carry the flame across the 64 territories of France until July 26th, when the Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony will take place on the River Seine

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2. Making Every Second (and Impression) Count

Just as athletes value each additional day to hone their skills, marketers can embrace Leap Day as an extra 24 hours to achieve business objectives. Instill a sense of urgency with limited-time offers or exclusive promotions valid only on Leap Day, and tee up audience segments to retarget with countdown clocks that build anticipation towards the Paris Games. These tactics not only create excitement but also encourage immediate action from your audience.

Leap Year marketing offers a golden opportunity to enhance engagement, personalize advertising strategies, and build excitement leading up to the 2024 Paris Games. By uniting Leap Year with Olympic anticipation, making every second count, and incorporating personalized elements like countdown clocks or limited-time offers, brands can create an unforgettable connection with their audience. Embrace this extra day to elevate your marketing efforts and leave a lasting impact.

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Rachel Gropper, Sr. Manager of Market Insights & Strategy