Future-proof your social commerce approach with these 6 key strategies.

As consumers jump between shopping channels, social commerce continues to gain ground thanks to its organic, experiential approach. Although social media platforms have increasingly become a main destination for purchasing, marketers need strategies that can easily pivot as they learn about the shopper.

Social commerce will grow exponentially

Proving both pandemic-proof and recession-resistant, social commerce is continuing its upward trajectory as consumers and marketers flock to the channel.

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Did you know?

Consumers say that short-form video is currently the best format for engagement, sharing, and purchase inspiration.

What's Next for Social Commerce

60% of consumers send short-form videos they like to others

What's Next for Social Commerce

51% of consumers share short-form videos featuring products of interest

What you will learn in this white paper

  • Factors that make social commerce a full-funnel marketing channel
  • Proven strategies that drive real results & revenue
  • Ways to help you improve your social commerce strategy
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