Moment of the Week #64: Career Move Moment

#64: Career Move Moment

A new job can mean way more than a change in the morning commute. Ideally, it’s a milestone moment in life — an upward move, a reward for great dedication and hard work. It doesn’t usually happen overnight; in fact, there are many steps in the process, from the job search online, to shopping for the right interview look, networking, networking, networking and interviews.

Moment of the Week #62: Yard & Garden Prep Moment

#62: Yard & Garden Prep Moment

Once winter finally ceases its grip on the weather, millions of homeowners turn their attention to their yards and gardens—what needs to be planted, turned, polished, decorated or replaced? The process of preparing the yard for the spring and summer season involves numerous purchase decisions. Brands that want to influence those purchases should consider Aki’s Yard & Garden Prep Moments.

Moment of the Week #54: New Wardrobe Moment

#54: New Wardrobe Moment

Even if you’re not a diehard fashionista, you’ve probably experienced the satisfaction of returning home after a successful shopping venture. You’ve got your new shirts (and/or shoes, pants, jacket, etc.) and you’re feeling fresh, fashionable and still in that shopping mindset. For advertisers, this is a prime moment for engagement. This is the New Wardrobe Moment.