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Unlock the potential of your audience data with our media solutions.

Our expertise in retail and shopper marketing and advanced data science technology will open a whole new line of business for you. With Aki, you can empower your shopper data through media campaigns that are personalized to your customer. And we can launch turnkey campaigns quickly.

Open minds lead to open wallets.

Consumers are all about convenience and price. We make it easy for retailers to connect with consumers effectively. With the Aki Moments™ methodology, we identify when customers are most receptive to advertising. Then we use our multi-patented personalization technology to serve up the deals and promotions that fit them at that Moment.


Household cleaner drove $9.21 in ROAS with Aki Retail Marketing Solutions.


A discount retailer drove a 76% increase in spend with our Digital Circulars.


Our down-funnel conversion strategy drove an 8.8% lift for a multinational food corporation’s top product.

Amplify the power of weekly offers with personalized digital circulars.

Get more shoppers in the store, grow basket size, and entice new category purchases. Now you can digitally broadcast your weekly regional offers at scale. Aki automates which products, messages and discounts you showcase, customer by customer, based on past purchases.

We're powering the future of retail.

That's why retailers love us.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about making sure that your shopper gets the best experience possible.

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