Eyeview Personalized Video

Take your personalized advertising to the next level.

Consumers expect a personalized experience… from apps, accounts and especially, advertising. Aki’s Eyeview technology enables brands and retailers to tailor each advertising message uniquely to its viewer.

We’re personalization experts


Thousands of permutations from a single asset.


4 patents in personalization.


2020 Martech Breakthrough Award for Video Innovation.


10 days or less to launch your first personalized campaign.

Personalization works

In a 2021 study, personalized advertising outperformed non-personalized advertising for all digital media formats and marketing objectives.

110% lift in rich media engagement
2x video engagement
84% higher engagement overall
36% lift in purchase intent
29% lift in awareness
5% lift in consideration

Our personalization capabilities

  • Video Circulars
  • Digital Circulars
  • Video
  • Rich media
  • Banners
Media Channels
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • ConnectedTV
  • Digital Out of Home
Personalized Variables
  • Region
  • Audience
  • Past purchase
  • Weather conditions
  • Product offers
  • Map to store
  • …and more

Check out our Campaign Success Story with Nature Valley

Still not impressed? Check out our Campaign Success Story with Nature Valley

Discover what Eyeview™ personalization can do for you.