Eyeview Personalized Video

Take your personalized advertising to the next level.

Consumers expect a personalized experience… from apps, accounts and especially, advertising. Aki’s Eyeview technology enables brands and retailers to tailor each advertising message uniquely to its viewer.

We’re personalization experts


4 patents in personalization


Thousands of permutations from a single asset


2020 Martech Breakthrough Award for Video Innovation


10 days or less to launch your first personalized campaign

Personalization works

In a 2021 study, personalized advertising outperformed non-personalized advertising for all digital media formats and marketing objectives.

110% lift in rich media engagement
2x video engagement
84% higher engagement overall
36% lift in purchase intent
29% lift in awareness
5% lift in consideration

Our personalization capabilities


  • Video Circulars
  • Digital Circulars
  • Video
  • Rich media
  • Banners

Media Channels

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • ConnectedTV
  • Digital Out of Home

Personalized Variables

  • Region
  • Audience
  • Past purchase
  • Weather conditions
  • Product offers
  • Map to store
  • …and more

Discover what Eyeview™ personalization can do for you.