Download Aki’s 2022 report to explore the impact advertising has on receptivity surrounding live and culturally significant moments.

Download the 2022 report to discover how audience receptivity varied across brand advertisers’ most anticipated event of the year – the big game.

Brand advertisers invest millions in a prime spot during the big game. Is it worth the big investment? How do the events of the game impact when an ad should run? And how should second-screen investments factor in?

Thanks to Aki’s recent partnership with EMOTIV, a neuroscience research company, we analyzed over 15 million data points from viewers who watched the 2022 big game, to measure their receptiveness to the commercials, game and halftime.

The Report

By downloading Aki’s 2022 Receptivity Report, you’ll gain insight into audience receptivity in response to big media events, like the 2022 big game, and other major news and cultural events, like the January 2021 invasion of the Capitol, unseasonable weather and the Academy Awards. This insight will help brand advertisers make more informed and strategic media investments.

The report includes:

01. A Neuroscience Study of the 2022 big game:
What consumers think, measured by EEG data

02. Market Research:
What consumers say about their own receptivity

03. Campaign Analysis:
What consumers do in response to major cultural events