As the media division of Inmar Intelligence, we’re thrilled to share that our CEO, Spencer Baird has been named a Triad Business Journal 2023 C-Suite Award winner!

Fifteen winners were selected from a competitive pool of leaders across the Triad and span a range of industries, including banking, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. 

Spencer and others were selected based on contributions to their respective organizations in the areas of strategic thinking, company leadership, and financial management, as well as contributions in the community.

To read Spencer’s feature in Triad Business Journal, see below. A more in-depth feature will be published in a special issue of Triad Business Journal on July 28.

Why selected: Since assuming his role as CEO last fall, Spencer has implemented a new way of working focused on a circular process composed of five key elements, installed new leadership standards, and crafted a mission that connects the way the company’s work improves the lives of customers. He was instrumental in key acquisitions and expanding product development. He encourages associates to support causes such as United Way, and women and girls’ empowerment. He led a benefits revision to include Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth as paid holidays. 

If you could have an alternate title, what would it be? Greatest Dad 

How long have you worked at your company? Three years  

Where were you born? Morristown, New Jersey

What was your first job as a youth? I worked behind the counter at a drugstore.  

What is the biggest challenge you face right now as a leader in your company? Driving focus. It’s difficult to thread the needle between certainty and clarity. Though our world is full of uncertainty, we can be crystal clear — crystal clear on what our targets are, what we can control in pursuit of those targets, and acting on that every day. The challenge is staying focused and warding off distractions.  

What’s your best advice for others stepping into C-Suite roles right now? Be the new standard. While respecting the old playbook, be bold enough to create a new, modern approach that’s authentically yours.  

What’s worked for you in attracting and retaining talent? The same thing that worked 30 years ago — providing a high challenge, high support culture and environment. High performers want to be really challenged, while knowing that there’s a hand on the back of the seat when needed.  

How do you measure success? It’s a formula — the right targets X week-over-week progress X number of associates. When we have the right targets in place, we’re making continuous progress on them, and we have the team members necessary to effectively execute, we will succeed.  

Share one thing about yourself that would surprise people? My commitment to my family. I recognize how difficult it can be to be a mom in the workplace, so I’m extremely committed to making life easier for my wife and being as involved and present as I can be for my family. To all working parents — moms and dads — I applaud you.  

What are your hobbies? Running and reading. I find that running in the morning and reading in the evening are big contributors to my mental health and focus.

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