Marketers are looking to ChatGPT and other AI language tools for various uses including creative inspiration and tailoring messages at scale. This has left brands and agencies both optimistic and wary.

ChatGPT caused a sensation on its release, vaulting the concept of AI text generators into mainstream consciousness for the first time. The program can expound in realistic-sounding language on almost any topic and in any rhetorical style.

Futurists and marketing prognosticators talk excitedly of its potential to revolutionize everything from online chatbots and search engines to the art of copywriting itself.

Aki’s research and development team has created an internal tool called CopyCaster that is built on OpenAI’s tech. The system is a form of ChatGPT that’s tailored to the company’s needs, which mostly involves crafting digital ads for a client list of primarily consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.

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