Aki Technologies, Media by Inmar Intelligence®, is the leader in moment marketing and personalized advertising, recently winning two MUSE Creative Awards in the following categories: Social Media Ad Campaign and Social Media / Other. Aki was also awarded a NYX Award in the Digital Marketing Campaign category for the “Zero Never Tasted So Good” campaign with Pepsi®. These wins validate the impact of Aki’s work with Pepsi and demonstrate the effectiveness of Aki’s media and incentive solutions.

Aki developed a strategic sampling campaign that included an offer of a complimentary sample of the product, allowing consumers to taste it for themselves which proved to be highly effective.

Pepsi partnered with Aki to create digital marketing strategies that ignite conversation about the product while reaching both repeat purchasers and new consumers.

To support Pepsi with creating a digital voice with fans across the country as well as creating value for the consumer, Aki recommended a multi-product approach. This included a social media component, with digital advertisements running across Facebook and Instagram. Consumers engaged in digital conversations with the brand after receiving an integrated rebate offer to validate their purchase. The continuity of messaging across highly engaging media channels drove a cohesive, impactful multichannel consumer experience leading to an increase in national trial and awareness of the reformulation. This level of scale and integration set the Pepsi campaign apart for the judges, as it showcased how a seamless fusion of technology and tradition can reshape how brands foster loyalty in the digital era.

“Aki worked with Pepsi to design a digital marketing strategy that combined personalized media and incentive solutions to enable connections with its target audience when sports fanhood was at an all-time high,” said Rob Weisberg, EVP & President, MarTech at Aki Technologies. “This campaign supported Pepsi’s goal and drove an impressive redemption rate, 4 times greater than the typical benchmark.”

Pairing media and incentives is a dynamic combination that is shaping Aki’s product strategy. It has led to Aki’s newly developed Consumer Engagement suite which provides a branded destination that can seamlessly integrate value/offers and ultimately build a valuable data set owned by brands.

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