Full-time · Mid-Senior level


Mexico or Argentina


Inmar’s acquisition of Aki Technologies is driving even further expansion to our engineering efforts and challenges. In the past we’ve tackled problems such as processing and analyzing tens of millions of daily records, building specialized data stores to query, in just a few minutes, tens of billions of monthly records and integrating disparate APIs and data sources to enable our clients to effectively deliver highly personalized advertising.

As we look to tackle new and renewed challenges, we’re looking for a DevOps Engineer to architect, manage, and enhance our cloud infrastructure and systems. This role is focused on improving service reliability, performance efficiency, security, and cost optimization. You will have the opportunity to implement best practices, introduce new tools, design automation systems, and lay out security strategies. You will be in a position to collaborate with and empower your peers to develop more reliable, scalable and secure software.

Our Environment:
  • Our services are built as Docker containers deployed and orchestrated on Kubernetes clusters running on AWS.
  • Most of Aki’s services are written in Java but we also use Ruby, Python, Go, and Node.js.
  • We practice continuous integration and continuous deployment using Drone CI.
  • Our Infrastructure-as-Code tools of choice include Terraform, Helm, and Ansible.
  • When it comes to observability we use ELK for logging, Prometheus and StatsD for metrics, Grafana for visualization, and HoneyBadger for exception tracking.
  • Our services’ uptime is monitored with Alertmanager and Pingdom and we use PagerDuty for incident management.
  • Tech Stack:
What you’ll do:
  • Build, manage, and secure cloud infrastructure including AWS services, Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD systems, databases, and software-defined networking.
  • Design and implement internal tools to improve our systems’ and applications’ performance, quality, delivery, and observability.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve performance and reliability issues and participate in incident response.
  • Improve scalability and reliability through monitoring services and infrastructure.
  • Author documentation for mission critical systems and processes.
  • Work closely with the rest of the engineering team to productionize new and existing projects.
  • Participate in code reviews and architecture design decisions.
About you:
  • You have 2+ years of infrastructure engineering experience in a cloud environment.
  • You are proficient with the Unix shell and love to automate your work.
  • You are comfortable programming in at least one programming language.
  • You possess the ability to quickly learn new development languages and pick up new software, frameworks and APIs.
  • You have deployed applications on Docker and Kubernetes.
  • You have experience with Infrastructure-as-Code and configuration management.
  • You are an excellent communicator with a team-oriented demeanor.

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