Moment of the Week #23: The Airport Moment

#23: The Airport Moment

There are two kinds of airport people—those that arrive at the gate a the last possible moment and those who allow arrive early to make sure that traffic and/or long TSA lines don’t trip up their trip. The second group—the folks that score a prime seat at the gate and settle in with their lattes, snack and, of course, mobile device—offer a solid engagement opportunity for brands. How do you find them? With Aki’s Airport Moment, naturally.

Moment of the Week #22: The Holiday Research Moment

#22: The Holiday Research Moment

Even the most laid back of holiday shoppers benefit from some kind of planning, and those planning moments translate to a high-value opportunity for advertisers. That’s why Aki created the Holiday Research Moment, the chance to target consumers while their in the planning phase of the busiest retail season of the year.

Moment of the Week #21: Active Parent Moment

#21: Active Parent Moment

Today’s busy parent has little to no time to spare, which means advertisers need to aim carefully to reach them when they’re most receptive to a brand message. That’s why Aki created the Active Parent Moments—to help advertisers zero in on the optimal occasion to deliver an ad impression.