Moment of the Week #30: Home Improvement Moment

#30: Home Improvement Moment

A person’s home is their castle, or so the saying goes, but sometimes that castle needs a little work. So, how can advertisers connect with consumers during the planning and purchasing of materials and services for that new deck, the second bathroom, or the basement renovation project that had been put off for way too many years? Meet Aki’s Home Improvement Moments.

Moment of the Week #26: Outdoor Adventurer Moment

#26: Outdoor Adventurer Moment

There’s nothing like stepping out into nature to breathe the fresh air, hear the sound of twigs crackling under your hiking boots, admire the calls of birds and the endless night sky. Once upon a time, a trip like this would mean getting away from it all, but in today’s hyper-connected world, more campers and nature-seekers and bringing their devices along for the fun.