Moment of the Week #35: The Tax Moment

#35: The Tax Moment

There is only a short list of “sure things” in life and taxes are one of them. But inevitability doesn’t translate to favorability—so how do you engage consumers on a topic that they would probably rather avoid? The answer is found in mobile moments.

Moment of the Week #34: Grocery Shopping Moment

#34: Grocery Shopping Moment

Whether they’re pushing carts full of donuts and cookies or organic sunflower butter and flax meal, grocery shoppers have one thing in common: they’ve got their phones at the ready. And though it may seem easy as pie (or chia pudding) to engage consumers while they’re out and about, real success hinges on finding the most receptive moments. That’s where Aki’s Grocery Shopping Moments come in.

Moment of the Week #33: Self-Care Moment

#33: Self-Care Moment

Today, self-care comes in many shapes and sizes—for some, it might mean spa visits and vacation retreats, while others might rely on home-based activities like meditation or yoga. And, increasingly, consumers are integrating devices (like fitness trackers) into their self-care routines. For brands, this growing practice opens doors to some compelling engagement opportunities. But how do brands find the right self-care moments? They turn to Aki Technologies’ mobile moments advertising and insights platform.

Moment of the Week #32: Afternoon Snack Moment

#32: Afternoon Snack Moment

That stretch of time between lunch and dinner can feel like an eternity as energy dips and focus drifts. How are consumers revving up their engines to make it through the rest of the day? The afternoon snack, of course. And brands that want to influence that choice can now do so thanks to Aki’s Afternoon Snack Moments.