Moment of the Week #45: Party Planning Moment

#45: Party Planning Moment

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, retirement, professional milestones, award shows, sports events… Though parties come in all shapes and sizes, they’ll always have at least one person organizing them. So how do brands make sure they’re products are top-of-mind for the big event? Enter the Party Planning Moment.

Moment of the Week #44: Personal Finance Moment

#44: Personal Finance Moment

Most people aren’t excited about managing personal finances, but the lack of enthusiasm doesn’t get them off the hook. For advertisers that are promoting services and products related to the tedious and potentially stressful task, finding the best moment to engage can be a challenge. After all, how do you connect with a consumer on a topic that they might not be so eager to explore?

Moment of the Week #43: Dinner Moment

#43: Dinner Moment

Ah, dinner. A time for friends, families and romantic partners to come together to eat a delicious meal while enjoying the company of their… mobile devices? It’s true that, today, mobile devices have infiltrated our lives so that even the most attentive dining partners are sometimes lured to their screen. For advertisers, these Dinner Moments represent an opportunity to engageā€”if they are approached in the right manner.

#42: Road Trip Moment

Whether you best identify with the Griswolds, Kerouac, or that 2002 Britney Spears movie, there’s no denying the road trip is a celebrated tradition. For advertisers, billboards, radio and in-store displays have long represented the best opportunity to influence consumers on the road, but (of course) that’s all changed with mobile. Today, advertisers that want to engage the road tripping consumer must include mobile in the mix.

Moment of the Week #41: Award Season Moment

#41: Award Show Moment

For many consumers, the annual movie award season is one of the highlights of the new year. Excited movie fans are doing their research of films and nominees, catching up on the new movies and waxing nostalgic about years gone by as they ready for the big night. During the event, they’ll be at the edge of their seat, phone at the ready, watching acceptance speeches and posting reactions.