Moment of the Week #49: Working Late Moment

#49: Working Late Moment

Working nine-to-five was once such a standard in the US that there was even a movie and a song about it. For many today, however, the working day stretches past the five o’clock whistle and sometimes well into the night. How can brands effectively engage the modern workaholic, or even the once-in-a-while overtimer? Introducing Aki’s Working Late Moment.

Moment of the Week #48: Appliance Shopping Moment

#48: Appliances Shopping Moment

Certain appliance investments, like that zucchini shredder, may be driven impulse. But then there are other, bigger-ticket purchases—the new dishwasher, the dryer or that smart refrigerator—that warrant more planning. How do advertisers reach consumers during these critical moments of research, consideration and purchase? Introducing Aki’s Appliance Shopping Moments.

Moment of the Week #47: Gaming Moment

#47: Gamer Moment

Smartphones serve an array of purposes, but one of the most enjoyable is gaming. These handy devices have turned average consumers into casual gamers and casual gamers into hardcore players. Advertisers that want to reach these gamers can advertise on game apps, but there’s another, perhaps less disruptive approach to gamer engagement: Aki’s Gamer Moments targeting.

Moment of the Week #46: Mealtime Moment

#46: Mealtime Moment

Meal time means different things to different people—for some, it’s an elaborate process of research, planning, preparation and execution. For others, it’s a quick trip to the microwave or a visit to the latest online delivery service. Either way, those meal planning moments represent an opportunity for advertisers. That’s why Aki created Mealtime Moments.