Moment of the Week #54: New Wardrobe Moment

#54: New Wardrobe Moment

Even if you’re not a diehard fashionista, you’ve probably experienced the satisfaction of returning home after a successful shopping venture. You’ve got your new shirts (and/or shoes, pants, jacket, etc.) and you’re feeling fresh, fashionable and still in that shopping mindset. For advertisers, this is a prime moment for engagement. This is the New Wardrobe Moment.

Moment of the Week #53: QSR Moment

#53: QSR Moment

You know that moment: when you’re taking a break from a busy day at work or running errands to refuel. You stop by that quick service restaurant, order a meal deal and then settle into a booth, maybe even in your car. Then you devour the savory meal and, yes, pass a little time on your smartphone.

#52: Prime Time TV Moment

Brands have long relied on TV to build awareness and influence purchases. But, in recent years, as DVRs, streaming apps and on-demand content have taken hold, audiences have fragmented. Sure, many are still viewing TV in those evening hours, but they might be catching up on something DVR’d earlier in the day, or getting spooked by the latest Black Mirror on Netflix.

Moment of the Week #51: Nightlife Moment

#51: Nightlife Moment

Smartphones have infiltrated all corners of our lives, and nightlife is no exception. Whether it’s for searching for the next destination, tracking down friends, reserving tables or snapping memories, the smartphone has become an indispensable tool for the night owl.