Moment of the Week #60: Coffee Break Moment

#60: Coffee Break Moment

If our mobile devices are glued to one hand, what’s the best guess for what’s in our other hand? Yes, a coffee cup. We’re hooked on caffeine and that’s not just an opportunity for coffee vendors. Any advertiser can tap into the Coffee Break Moment, if they know how to do it.

Moment of the Week #57: Public Transportation Moment

#57: Public Transportation Moment

Back in the day, images of public transportation were dominated with images of people reading books and newspapers, or maybe just zoning out. Today, the equivalent bus, train, ferry and subway riders typically have their eyes fixed on their devices. And yes, for advertisers, this translates to a hot opportunity for engagement.

Moment of the Week #56: Fun in the Sun Moment

#56: Fun in the Sun Moment

Smartphones have worked their way into every aspect of modern life, and outdoor fun is no exception. Even while we’re basking in the glow of the sun, surfside, or kayaking through the wilderness, smartphones are coming along for the adventure. For advertisers, this opens up new engagement opportunities.