Moment of the Week #4: The Campaign Trail Moment

#4: The Campaign Trail Moment

Most people are tired of political ads infiltrating their lives at the wrong times, like taking over TV’s and living rooms during family relaxation time. Recognizing this, one of the leading presidential candidates came to Aki with the goal of reaching constituents during more receptive moments—the moments they are actually engaged in political consideration.

Moment of the Week #3: Spring Break Moment

#3: Spring Break Moment

Getting Spring Breakers to partake in an alcoholic beverage or two isn’t exactly challenging. It’s getting those partiers to choose your beverage over the abundance of options available that’s the real task at hand. So when a global beer brand tasked Aki to target Spring Breakers in the moments that matter most (including the Spring Break Moment), we said bring on the beer bong!

Moment of the Week #2: Snowed In Moment

#2: Snowed-In Moment

If you live in an area that experiences real winter climate (not you LA), then you know there is no better day of the year than a snow day! Whether that means staying in bed all day, cozying up to the fireplace, or binging on Netflix, there are plenty of opportunities to reach our snowed in brethren. And that is exactly what one TV network asked us to help with.