Moment of the Week #65: Weekend Errands Moment

#65: Weekend Errands Moment

Saturday and Sunday are days for getting things done. Consumers knock out the errands that stacked up during the week, hitting up malls, town centers, big box stores and so on. Brands that know how to engage these weekend go-getters can move the needle on key metrics, from website visits to in-store traffic. That’s why Aki created the Weekend Errands Moment.

Moment of the Week #64: Career Move Moment

#64: Career Move Moment

A new job can mean way more than a change in the morning commute. Ideally, it’s a milestone moment in life — an upward move, a reward for great dedication and hard work. It doesn’t usually happen overnight; in fact, there are many steps in the process, from the job search online, to shopping for the right interview look, networking, networking, networking and interviews.