In the last year, I successfully binge-watched all of RuPaul’s Drag Race (15 seasons + 8 all star seasons), Game of Thrones (8 seasons), and Keeping Up With the Kardashians (6 out of 20 seasons). This admission is a shocking amount of time to spend with my TV (and phone… and laptop…) but what’s even more surprising is that most of that content aired on television between 10-15 years ago, and I watched most of it by myself while doing other things.

Nielsen reports that 60% of time spent streaming in May 2023 was dedicated to programming that first aired on linear channels (up 5.2% from 2022), signaling premium content has a full life to live beyond its primetime premiere, especially when it feeds an emotional connection for the viewer.

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According to Paramount’s Culture of Streaming report,  56% of streamers turn to shows, movies, or online videos as a form of therapy. Furthermore, 1 in 4 streamers rewatch segments of shows to experience familiar emotions. For brands that aim to align their messaging with consumers’ motivations for watching TV, a smarter streaming advertising placement strategy is necessary.

The Power of Personalization

In today’s digital age, marketers face the challenge of capturing viewers’ attention in a landscape dominated by streaming platforms. Breaking away from conventional primetime TV norms and embracing a video strategy that leverages personalization signals can be the key to success. 

By harnessing personalization signals such as time of day, weather conditions, and genre preferences, marketers can craft highly targeted and relevant advertisements that resonate with viewers on a personal level, especially when served during the moments that the consumer is most receptive.

In fact, Aki’s 2023 Aki Receptivity Report reaffirmed that pairing moments with personalized creative and messaging increased receptivity by up to +37%.

Match Your Message to the Moment

Accessing dynamic personalization technology that enables marketers to engage consumers during specific Connected TV (CTV) watching moments when they are most receptive will result in elevated campaign performance. Consider any of these strategic moment recommendations for engaging CTV viewers with your brand messaging:

  1. Binge Watching Moment: Create advertisements that capture the thrill of continuous viewing and offer related recommendations to enhance the binge-watching experience.
  2. Adrenaline Seeking Moment: Deliver action-packed advertisements during high-intensity scenes or moments when viewers seek excitement.
  3. Family Movie Night Moment: Tailor advertisements promoting family-friendly content or products that enhance shared experiences for the whole family.
  4. Rainy Day Moment: Offer advertisements that highlight cozy indoor activities or products suitable for rainy days, providing viewers with inspiration during gloomy weather.
  5. Hibernation Moment: Target advertisements that promote relaxation, comfort, and self-care products to capture the attention of viewers seeking solace during hibernation periods.
  6. Guilty Pleasure Moment: Craft advertisements that tap into guilty pleasures, providing a sense of indulgence and lightheartedness.
  7. Procrastination Moment: Engage viewers during moments of procrastination with advertisements that provide quick solutions or entertaining distractions.
  8. Staying Informed Moment: Deliver informative advertisements during news segments or documentaries, aligning brand messaging with consumers’ desire for knowledge.
  9. At-Home Workout Moment: Tailor fitness-related advertisements to inspire viewers during their workout routines, encouraging them to stay fit and healthy.
  10. Kids in Bed Moment: Target parents with advertisements offering relaxation or entertainment options for those precious moments of tranquility after putting the kids to bed.

In an era dominated by streaming platforms, marketers must embrace a video strategy that goes beyond traditional TV norms. By adopting a smarter streaming ad-placement approach that utilizes personalization signals aligned with consumers’ motivations for watching TV, brands can create highly engaging advertisements. Learn about Aki’s CTV solution and see how this strategy drove impressive results with Nature Valley. Contact us for a custom personalization strategy for your brand.

Rachel Gropper, Sr. Manager of Market Insights & Strategy