Did you know that Privacy by Design is a legitimate term? Well, it is and it’s a big deal!

IAPP, International Association of Privacy Professionals, defines PbD as “embodying the principles of ‘privacy embedded into the design,’ ‘privacy by default,’ and being ‘proactive, not reactive,’ require[ing] more analysis, [and] substantially more forethought.” Simply put, Aki was built with consumer data protection at the forefront of our offerings and we have spent years perfecting our approach.

Here’s how Aki is Privacy by Design:

Our track record shows that we’ve anticipated and embraced the changes that have come with new privacy legislation.

MomentsAI™ is a valuable privacy solution because it first starts with contextual signals. Context means relevance without the need for cookies. (Context is why marketers place Estee Lauder ads in Vogue.)

Aki, after years of collecting these types of contextual data signals, has developed models of attributable pattern recognition, making it possible to target with confidence. These advanced predictive models allow us to scale with success.

First-party data from Inmar enhances these models, further solidifying the success of targeting and attribution measurement.

This first-party data is more valuable than ever because it is proprietary, but more importantly, it is managed for privacy compliance. Audiences can opt-in to sharing their data for an appealing exchange (example: loyalty card.)

Personalization becomes more important in a privacy-compliant world because as identifiers begin to diminish, 1:1 addressability becomes harder to retain. Having a technology that’s fueled by MomentsAI™ and dynamically capable of managing multiple variables, not only makes Aki a unique partner but ultimately a superior technology in the digital landscape.

Aki’s proactive privacy solution allows for more time in consulting clients on how to minimize wasted advertising investment with our moments-first approach, create action-driving creative, and all while ensuring optimizations are made with the utmost care and attention.

If you would like to learn more about Privacy by Design and Aki’s unique solution, feel free to reach out to me directly at chc@a.ki

Caroline Capungcol, Product Marketing Manager at Aki