I recently had the pleasure of attending the DISCUS Annual Conference in San Diego. There, I gained valuable insights from policymakers, innovators, and established and emerging BevAlc brands as they discussed top issues impacting the spirits industry today. 

Marketers from Bacardi, Campari, Beam Suntory, Constellation Brands, and Brown-Forman (to name a few), shared their take on complex challenges including the rapidly changing consumer and technology landscape, industry innovation, regulatory challenges, and social responsibility topics such as sustainability and DE&I. 

I also had the opportunity to present on the topic of “Increasing Revenue with Marketing and Technology in 2024,” where I shared the stage with Heath Jones, Managing Director of North America at Hitachi Zosen Inova, Danny Macri, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at ENERGY STAR, Armin Buehler, Regional Communications Director at Mast-Jägermeister and Alissa Urbano, eBusiness Manager at Moët Hennessy.

Some snaps from our session

Below are 3 key takeaways from our discussion.

Personalization is a Universal Solution

Regardless of size, BevAlc brands and distilleries can harness personalization to navigate the industry’s complexities, from regulatory compliance to consumer engagement across various sales channels. I shared an example of the work that we’ve done with Westward Whiskey to test how dynamically personalized advertising would resonate with audiences interested in buying premium spirits. By combining Westward Whiskey’s first-party data with Aki’s data and targeting capabilities, 3 consumer segments were identified and reached with personalized advertisements. We discovered that there was a 33% lift in engagement for the personalized advertising creative compared to the non-personalized creative.

Personalization Transforms Marketing at Scale

A primary goal of personalization is conversion at scale—transforming individualized experiences into broad-based business success. With performance-driven personalization, even the most complex category landscapes become navigable, allowing brands to maintain a deep connection with their consumers. This degree of personalization transcends marketing tactics; it’s a strategic pillar essential for navigating the complexities of the BevAlc industry—delivering relevant experiences at scale and forging deep connections that drive sustained success in the competitive market.

Personalization Drives Results Both On-Premise and Off-Premise

I was delighted to have my client Alissa Urbano, eBusiness Manager at Moët Hennessy alongside me on the panel to discuss specific tactics that Moët Hennessy leverages to drive impact both on-premise and off-premise actions. Alissa said, “Aki makes so much sense for Hennessy, given the possibilities of personalization.” We shared examples of how to leverage a multichannel strategy to engage consumers via various touchpoints along their consumer journey.

Watch the video to learn more

Looking ahead, personalization will continue evolving from reactive algorithms to proactive experience shapers across the BevAlc landscape. As technology advances, so too will our capacity for creating increasingly sophisticated personalized interactions that captivate consumers—while driving scalable business outcomes.

Reach out to me directly if you’d like to discuss the impact of personalization for your brand: cc@a.ki.