I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Path to Purchase Institute Future Forward event in New Orleans alongside PepsiCo’s Associate Manager of Global Media Innovation, Megan Richardson. The audience was highly engaged throughout the session. Following the event, I had many insightful conversations on the impact of personalization. Below I have summarized some of the key content takeaways from the presentation. 

#1. Personalization Drives Business Outcomes

Not only do consumers want personalized communications from brands, they expect it. In fact, 71% of consumers expect personalization and 76% get frustrated when they don’t receive it. It also has a lasting impact on the success of a brand, with 78% of consumers being more likely to make repeat purchases from companies that personalize their communications and an overwhelming 97% of marketers witness a rise in business outcomes due to personalization. This is no surprise to me, having observed the success of personalization time and again.

#2. PepsiCo Has Proven the Power of Personalization

PepsiCo and Aki have partnered for several years across a portfolio of brands. I was delighted to have Megan join me on stage to showcase how PepsiCo leverages personalization to drive innovation. This partnership is extremely valuable and we’ve been able to tangibly prove the impact of adding personalization has on a campaign’s performance. One example we shared on stage is our continued growth with PepsiCo’s snack brand, Stacy’s. We first set out to understand how personalized creative tied to moments and occasions can drive increased sales. After adding in these elements, Stacy’s campaign results soared to new heights, proving the power of personalization and the effectiveness of a strategic partnership. Watch the below video to learn more.

#3. Leverage Personalization to Reach Consumers at Every Touchpoint 

To further prove the impact of personalization, Megan and I shared a couple of Gatorade case study examples. Our strategy for that campaign was to reach consumers with a full-funnel, highly targeted approach across mobile, DOOH and CTV. One of the campaigns that we shared promoted Gatorade Protein and Powder. The objective of that campaign was to drive online and in-store sales lift of Gatorade Protein and Powder at a large retailer through an omnichannel strategy. ??Our approach was to reach the retailer’s consumers when they were most receptive; connecting the brand’s unique selling proposition to their need state. This resulted in over 179K add-to-carts and a sales lift of over 4%.

The presentation concluded with examples of how PepsiCo will continue to drive innovation. This includes purposefully testing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on advertising creation, a look into how neuroscience can measure audience receptivity to a campaign, and more.

If you’d like to discuss how personalization can support your media strategies, feel free to contact me directly at rc@a.ki.

Risa Crandall, SVP CPG Strategy and Sales at Aki