Adweek’s Commerce Week was a 3-day event that brought together brands, retailers, agencies and technology companies under one roof to share insights, trends and learnings with each other. There was a lot of great content shared and many inspiring conversations had.

I was lucky enough to present at one of the workshops along with my Inmar Intelligence colleague, Nicole F. Henry. During our workshop, we shared our latest consumer research which showed that 75% of consumers are not fully satisfied with their current shopping experience. In today’s volatile economy, providing a seamless, personalized experience is more important than ever because consumer loyalty is becoming harder and harder to retain.

We outlined specific approaches and tools for marketers to help close this gap for consumers. Watch the full workshop recording below to gain a better understanding of how to maximize conversion performance, what consumers want in exchange for utilizing their data, how to offer a more personalized experience, and much more.

If you’d like to discuss any of these topics in more detail, feel free to email me at

Caroline Capungcol, Product Marketing Manager at Aki