Aki Technologies has been acquired by Inmar Intelligence

“With the capabilities and assets Inmar Intelligence offers, we couldn’t think of a more inspiring alliance to help accelerate the growth of Aki’s technology to its full potential and deliver further value to our customers and their consumers.”

– Scott Swanson, CEO, Aki Technologies

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So, why Aki?


Launch Personalized Campaigns

With Aki’s personalization technology, your campaigns will sound less like advertising, and more like a friend offering a suggestion.


Time Your Delivery Perfectly

With Aki’s moments, your advertising reaches people when it’s most appropriate and helpful.


Enjoy Groundbreaking Results

Achieve campaign success worth celebrating. Aki drives growth—from awareness to engagement, foot traffic and sales.

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Client Success


A candy brand beats sales benchmarks by 20% with Aki’s point-of-sale moments.


A national retailer enjoys a 42% lift in foot traffic, thanks to Aki’s retail media solutions.


A quick service restaurant beats engagement benchmark by 175% with Aki.

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